Exemption for TTC1 for Teaching ISKCON Disciples Course

The following list states the criteria upon which exemption for the requirement of VTE TTC1 qualification, for teaching the ISKCON Disciples Course, may be made by the local GBC Zonal Secretary.

GBC Resolution

“An exemption for the requirement of the TTC1 may be granted by the local GBC Zonal Secretary based upon an assessment of the potential teacher’s maturity, teaching skills, and experience. The Mayapura Institute shall provide to the GBC a list of criteria by which such evaluations should be made.”

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • Mature understanding and application of Krsna consciousness philosophy


Teaching Qualifications:

  • A degree in Teaching for High School level or older.
  • One year minimum experience in teaching full-time professionally in a public or private educational institution for students 15 years or older.


  • Certification as a professional trainer by an independent institute with emphasis on interactive teaching skills and at least 200 hours experience in an adult classroom.


  • Have taught ISKCON VTE, or similar interactive courses, within ISKCON for a minimum of 300 hours.


Practical Teaching Skills:

  • Basic communication skills
  • Basic facilitation skills:
    • Ability to facilitate whole class discussions,
    • Group exercises
    • Experiential learning.
  • Reflective listening skills
  • Interpersonal skills such as:
    • non-judgmental behaviour
    • personal security and lack of defensiveness
    • willingness to listen & willingness to value others’ opinions.
  • Time management skills
  • Classroom resource management skills


Additional Qualifications:

Approval of the local Temple President