Welcome to the ISKCON Disciple Course. This course is meant to help you deepen your understanding of guru-tattva and guru-padasraya (taking shelter of Guru) within the multiple guru culture of ISKCON.It is designed for new devotees preparing to take initiation, but is also recommended for leaders, preacher’s counsellors and educators in ISKCON.

This course was developed over a two-year period under the direction of the GBC Guru Services Committee with the combined efforts of leading educators in ISKCON. This course is based on the teachings of SrilaPrabhupada& the current ISKCON Law with reference to the writings from the broader GaudiyaVaishnava tradition.

1. The candidate must be chanting sixteen rounds and following the four regulative principles for more than one month.
2. The candidate must be recommended by local ISKCON Temple President or authority who knows him / her very well, certifying that he / her has been engaged favorably in the service of local ISKCON center.

Course Teacher:  BalGovind Das – View Profile

Duration: 5 hours – total viewing time for 23 videos.

Course fees:  One time payment of Rs. 1000 or $20 for the entire course

Methodology: This course is divided into four units.

1. Introduction, Theory And Context – Lessons 1 to 4
2. Establishing The Relationship With Guru – Lessons 5 to 7
3. Acting In Relationship With The Guru – Lessons 8 to 11
4. Co-Operatively Fulfilling The Relationship & Consolidation – Lessons 12 to 14

Each unit has a series of online video classes & linked reading material to be studied by the candidate.

The entire course is located at –

Multiple choice quizzes (MCQs)

You are required to study the video lessons to attempt the MCQs.
These quizzes are based on the video lessons and also based on Student’s Handbook (SHB)

The grades of MCQs are automatically calculated by the system.
While you are attempting the multiple choice quiz, you shall see total number of questions on left panel and also the countdown counter.

Once you attempt any question, the color of the question number on the left shall change to light gray.
Unattempted questions remain white in color.

You can change the choice of any question, before finally submitting the quiz.
After you submit the quiz, you shall see your marks (calculated by the system) appearing in the gradebook.

Each question is for one minute and carries one mark.
There are three attempts for each MCQ.
The highest grade between the three attempts shall be considered as your final grade for that MCQ.

There are a total of 14 MCQs, one for each lesson.

Short assignment Questions

There are a total of 5 assignment questions to be answered as it appears during the course. in 150-200 words.

Assignments drafts can be saved in the system.
There is only one attempt for any assignments, therefore you may thoroughly check before submitting the assignments.
When you click the final ‘Add Submission’ button, then assignment submission shall be considered final and you won’t be able to make any changes.

There is manual-grading for the assignments, therefore after you submit the assignments, grades shall not immediately appear in the gradebook till teacher (or tutor) gives manual grading.
The tutor may give comments to your answers, which you can access in your gradebook.


• The candidate has to scrutinizing study each video & corresponding reading material from the Student’s Hand Book. • The candidate also has to appear for the following exams:
1. MCQs after each video

2. Short Assignments at regular intervals

• The candidate will be considered to have passed the course if he / she gets at least 65% marks. The marks are based individually on – MCQs and Short Assignments

If the candidate has scored less than 65%, he / she will be given a second chance.

Note: All students are required to keep a printout of the Student’s Handbook with them for reference while watching the videos.

Exam Policy for those studying together (Eg. Husband-Wife, Family members, etc):
You may study together, prepare notes together but your answers must be submitted individually based on your individual understanding.
Verbatim answers from each other shall not be accepted.

Scoring system:

For each exam the marks will be distributed as follows.
MCQs: 80%
Short assignments: 20%

You will be considered to have passed the course if you get at least the above mentioned percentage in each.

Distribution of marks:

MCQs = 145 marks
Short Assignments = 25 marks (5 marks each)

TOTAL = 170 marks


Successful graduates will receive an ISKCON Disciple Course Certificate authorized by the G.B.C. Guru Services Committee. A soft copy of the certificate will be sent to Email-id of the candidate & his recommending authority.